Zep Foundations Website

Updated: Jul 2, 2020



Zep Foundation is a website which enhances women empowerment. This website helps women to sell their products in the international market. The Zep Foundation

also conducts weekly market where rural area women’s can sell their products

freely. Zep Foundation also provides them with knowledge, skills and job

opportunities in the wellness industry.



The Zep Foundation client wanted a website or mobile application which could connect rural area women with the outside world and enhance women empowerment.

A website which can help women’s to gain knowledge, skills and job




The Developers team developed the website as per the requirement of the client regarding women empowerment. The user can freely contact the Zep Foundation

with the help of the website. The website provides the detail information about weekly market and also provides platform for women’s knowledge, skills and job opportunities.



The client was fully satisfied as website contains more than 11000 successful

candidates with completion of 90 missions and 4 big projects. Also, website received satisfied and good responses from the users.

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