Updated: Jul 2, 2020



Shop Fresh is an application where one can buy Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Food online. This application provides a medium where different shopkeepers can easily register and sell their food items. This application also provides quick home delivery and also people who wish to work as a delivery boy can register on this application.



It was a great challenge for development team to build an application as per the client’s requirement. Client wanted an application where customers can easily order fresh food items at home. The application which could provide an online payment medium and also, the UI which could attract more people.



Our developer’s understands our client very well and complete all his tasks in a given time frame and also, our developers have provided the application where customers can easily order fresh food items and also online payment platform where one can easily pay. Also, vendors can easily register and update about their product.



The Developers helped the Client to achieve remarkable growth to his business by implementing an exact idea that he was looking for. The client was fully satisfied as application fulfills all his requirements and now he is one of our happy client’s. Also, the application would provide vendors a medium for their livelihood in COVID-19 scenario.

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