Out of Order Website

Updated: Jul 2, 2020



Out of Order is a shopping website which consists of T-shirts for men, woman and kids for different occasions. It is a startup website of brother and sister who wished to make their own shopping brand.



The challenge was to build an attractive E-commerce website as per the requirements of our client. Client wanted an E-commerce website

where he could easily deal with the competitive world and attract more customers.



We as developer’s understands our client very well and complete all his tasks in a given time frame and also, we have provided the best UI based website which can help him to attract more customers and provided a Dashboard where the client can efficiently manage his website.



As per the requirements the E-commerce website is responsive and attracts customer through its UI design and products like T-shirts, Shoes, Bags and many more products. The client was fully satisfied as the website and application received satisfied and positive responses from the customers.

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