Online Kalaniketan APP



Online Kalaniketan is an online learning platform where students can be thought using pre-recorded videos, here one can keep a proper record of students reports, attendance and this application also consist of a dashboard where students, teachers and parents can interact with each other.



It was a great challenge for development team to build an application as per the client requirements. Client wanted an application which could help schools and coaching centers to provide a medium to give online classes at home. He wished an application where teachers, students and parents could freely interact and the application could also provide Assessments and keep record of student progress.



Our developer’s understands our client very well and complete all his tasks in a given time frame and also, our developers have provided an application exact as per client requirements. The application provides a dashboard for students, teachers and parent’s interaction and also class routine, academic reports, course documents, enquiry form and admission where students can register and take admission by receiving proper fee receipt.



The Developers helped the Client to achieve remarkable growth to his business by implementing an exact idea that he was looking for. The client was fully satisfied as application fulfills all his requirements and now he is one of our happy client’s. Also, the application would provide Schools and Coaching centers a platform to educate students in COVID-19 scenario

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