There are many companies that wish to hire a group of experienced employees for their bigger projects on a contract basis. So here we come up with our new idea that is to provide our experienced group of IT, staff, for contract-based projects. Here we also provide companies our experienced Interns as well as Permanent employees.
We provide employees who can work at your place as well as our place according to the companies' and clients' requirements. We provide Contract base employees, Permanent employees, and even experienced Interns. 
At Logyana Solutions, clients can also take different interview rounds to select the best employee to fulfill their requirements.
In Logyana Solutions here we have a special team of IT engineers with more than 4+ years of experience. They have worked on bigger projects and even help your company to complete projects on contract. We have a special group of Interns who are trained with our most experienced technical team and also they have proper knowledge of live projects.
If due to some issues if any employee leaves the project in between Logyana Solutions also provides a replacement employee to work with your company.

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